Sunday, November 30, 2008

Still knitting.....

I have a severe case of "Finish-itis". I'm very close to finishing a few Christmas gifts, but I want them all done NOW!! I've been knitting up a storm, but nothing is done. *sigh*

I haven't touched DS's Dragon Scarf all week. I'm mostly done with the knitting, I just need to do the finishing.....and I hate doing the finishing. Seaming....yuck!

I finally got my replacement pair of size 1 1/2 DPN's to finish the pair of Knotty gloves from FIL's girlfriend. I'm making them out of some Knitpicks Essentials. It's a lovely soft yarn to work with, but it's black. If the lighting is poor and I've made a mistake (and I've made several), it's a p-a-i-n. But they are nearly done. I just have to finish 2 1/2 more fingers!!

FIL's gloves are nearly done too. Again....just 3 fingers to go.

I finally started a project for DH too. I'm making him a pair of convertable glove/mittens. You know, the kind with fingerless gloves and a flip top mitten thing. I think they will be really nice for him while he's at the hockey rink doing the score keeping. From what I understand, score keeping involves a lot of sitting around being cold. Not my idea of fun.

And I haven't started DD's Christmas present yet, but it should be a super quick knit.....I just need to get some time away from her so she doesn't see it! I have some pretty pink and yellow yarn and some lovely sparkly buttons, now I just need to knit.

Since I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, I'm planning out what I want to knit after the holidays! It looks like there might be a KAL (knit-a-long) of the Honeycomb vest on Ravelry. I really want to make this vest, so I might just have to get some yarn for it. Maybe I'll get a gift card for Christmas.....hmmmm...... And I'm thinking about the Paton's Must Have Cardigan again. I started one late last spring in black and it was just too difficult to work with. I think I'll try again with some recycled natural wool.

Until later, knit on!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Still having trouble.....

....and I've been knitting a ton!

I made a fabulous pair of Chevalier mittens for my niece. They are to match the Foliage hat I finished a bit ago. (Her birthday is Dec 18, so she always gets an extra special birthday gift.)

DS's Dragon scarf is coming along. I've finished the main parts and am working on the "bits." The nostrils alone took WAAAYYY too long.

My SIL had a birthday over the weekend, so I made her a quick Snowman ornament. I didn't have any orange yarn, so I used an orange button for the nose. It was completely adorable, so I think I may be making a few more of those!

I've also been on a hat kick. My brother showed up at my parents house last weekend with a pathetically small hat. The knitter in me just couldn't let that go, so I made him a new one. The Thorpe pattern is quick and easy. I've made 3 now; 1 for my DD, one for my Brother, and one for my DS' school hat/mitten drive.

The gloves for my FIL are about 75% done. I'm making up the pattern as I go since I couldn't find a glove pattern that I liked. It's loosely based on the Ken pattern from Berocco. And FIL's girlfriend Knotty gloves are stalled. I lost one of my size 1 1/2 knitting needles.....grrrrr........waiting for my new pair to arrive. Hopefully today!

Still no pictures, and Ravlery is down so I can't even link all of my projects. I'll edit this post when Rav is back up.

Knit on!!

ETA: Links are now on. Thank goodnes for Ravelry!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

More computer trouble


Our computer is acting up again. Not sure if it can be revived. Thankfully, my DH hooked up the kids computer to the internet so I can at least get online. I don't think I can get pictures off of my camera though...still working on that.

For now, be assured that I am knitting up a storm! I'll be posting to my blog, but I'm not sure if I'll have pictures to share.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Another Quickie post

There is a new release of Doodlefactory stamps over at Starving Artistamps. It's a new Christmas set - yippee!! And since it's a bit late to get going on your Christmas stamping, they are offering the sentiment set for FREE. Yep - I said free!! Here's a picture of the new set:

Head over to their blog for a chance to win this set!!

Mass Production....

I don't usually mass produce cards, but a friend called this morning with a request. She is the leader of a Daisy troupe and needed some Thank You cards. So here they are. Mass production with a little twist!

I used paper from my TSR kits. There is usually one paper in a kit that I don't use much of. This was the perfect project to use up some of those larger pieces. (There are 2 of each color scheme for a total of 18 cards.)

The "thanks" was cut using my Cuttlebug. It was kind of a pain to glue it down. I ended up using my Sakura Quickie Glue pen. Anyone else have something that works well? I don't like to use the Xryon because is doesn't adhere to these smallish letters very well (in my experience.)

On the knitting front, I was at a Ravelry knit night last night. We decided last month to have a knit-a-long for November. The project chosen was preemie hats since we could finish them in a single knit night. I did this one. I was worried that I wouldn't finish it in the three hours, but I did - with plenty of time to spare.

I've been working on my sons Dragon scarf, have a Fake Isles hat OTN for my MIL, and have a pair of Knotty's OTN for my FIL's girlfriend. Making good progress on my holiday knitting :)

Knit on!

PS - I don't think I've ever had that many links in one post - whew!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Quick post

I had to share a few pictures from Halloween. We had a great time trick-or-treating. Our neighborhood of about 50 houses was just about the perfect size for the kids. (Although DD got pretty darn tired and had to drop off some candy at home.)

Obi Wan Kenobi (complete with light saber that lights up and makes noise - an early birthday present.)

The blue butterfly fairy from Mariposa (Rayla)

Once we got home with the "loot", we combined it all into a big bowl. Now if the kids want a treat, they choose from the big bowl. I decided to try this to see if this method would work with the kids. So far it's worked great. And it's MUCH easier to sneak out all of the Snickers. (Mmmmmm, I just love Snickers!!)

And I spent a bunch of time knitting this weekend. My mom's sweater is nearly done - just a few more inches on one sleeve. DS's dragon scarf is coming along nicely. I finished the first body piece and started the second. After knitting the first with Red Heart Super Saver, the second piece using Vanna's Choice felt like butter!! But now I need to take a bit of a knitting wrists are pretty sore.