Friday, July 30, 2010

It's done!

Sometime I start a project and think that it might never get finished. This was one of those projects. I thought it was just too ambitious for me. (Usually I just end up stopping a project at some point, frogging what's knit and re-using the yarn for something else.)

But here it is, my magnum opus of knitting:
The photos a bit washed out, black does that to me. I'm hoping to get a photo of me wearing it, but that will have to wait.

It was a challenging knit, but I'm very pleased with the end result. It fits me very well and there are no glaring errors. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of errors, you just have to know where to look for them.

I purchased a pattern for this, something I rarely do, but I really liked it. Had I known that the pattern was a bit "dicey", I probably wouldn't have, but live and learn I guess. The sleeve shaping was more of a "hint of a pattern" instead of actual directions, so you really had to be willing to let things be wrong/off in the lace pattern.

Pattern: Myrtle
Yarn: Knit Picks Stroll sock
Needles: Knit Picks options in 4's and 5's. (I learned after knitting the bottom hem and the sleeve hems that my gauge in garter is looser than in stockinette. To make the neckband and button bands look better, I used size 4's for them.)

Whew - it's done and I love it!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Summer knitting.... supposed to be for me! However, this summer I have found myself knitting lots of projects for my family. Not that I mind, but I have grand plans of all the fabulous new sweaters I will be wearing this fall and no time to knit them!

Recently Finished:
Fuzzy Feet for Kirk - I've made him several pairs of these, but they do wear out. Thankfully they are a fairly quick knit.
Haruni for me. I've knit three of these. Yes, I said three. I found a pattern I liked well enough to knit it three times! (One was for my mom, one for my MIL, and the latest one was for me.)
And a close up. (And dang - is red ever hard to photograph. It's really a nice deep red, not the crayon color that it looks like!)
On the Needles:
Cardigan set for Miss C. My daughter has entered the world of American Girl dolls (so help me God!) I picked up some Sport weight wool for very cheap, so I have embarked on matching cardigans for C and her doll in a lovely heathered pink. EEK!

My black lacy cardigan. I set this down for over a month because I was worried about the sleeves. I've made a few modifications and am now back on track. Sleeve #2 should be done today. I'm making pretty good headway on this one now.

And a pair of socks. I use this as my travel project. It's always nice to have a pair of socks on the needles! I've modified the pattern to be only the "loop" portion. I just didn't like the way the twisted stitch section looked.

And VERY neglected Bohus Sweater. This has been on the needles since February. It's a bottom up and the nearly 14 inches of plain stockinette is almost done. This got put down mostly because it's too hot to have a large wool sweater on my lap. (My sweater is gray for the main color and either white or purple and black for the contrasting colors.)

And all the things I still want to knit:
Fitted February Lady Sweater (in a lovely red)
Avocet (in a plum heather)
Helleborus Yoke Sweater (in the yarn Mom and Dad got me in Ireland)
Must Have Cardigan (in some City Tweed from Knit Picks)

So there you have a snapshot of my knitting, and summer is fading fast. I'd better get moving.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dead Fish Hat

My son rarely requests knit items. So when he does, I'm happy to oblige. I present the Dead Fish Hat:

He's not home this afternoon, so I'll add another picture of him wearing it later.

Pattern: Fish Hat from Knitty
Yarn: Only Stretch from Schachenmayr nomotta. This yarn has a built in stretch. I've never knit with yarn like this before. It took a little getting used to, but the finished product doesn't seem to be effected. (The stripes are misc worsted yarn from my stash.)

ETA: Picture of Gregory with hat!