Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Misc life crud.....

I'm having a crappy week. I found out that I didn't get a job I interviewed for. I'm pretty bummed. It wasn't even a very good job - but I'm getting pretty desperate in the job department right about now and I would take anything offered. I'm trying to remain positive, but this whole job search has me completed depressed. (I'm not a crier as a general rule, but lately I start to bawl when someone looks at me sideways. The stress is getting pretty darn bad.)

On a lighter note, we got a new foster dog! Meet Rosie. She came to us named Baby, but I just could NOT call a dog Baby. Kirk and Charlotte came up with Rosie and I liked it. It's what we are using for now. (If you are interested in adopting Rosie or any dog, please visit the MARS site.)

This dog defies all description.....she's cute, incredibly playful and as sweet as can be. As for her breed - your guess is as good as mine. She's got a very long body, very stocky front quarters, and a triangular head. And she only weight about 30 lbs. Feel free to leave any breed suggestions! Kirk and the kids wanted to adopt her into our family, but she was too much $$.

I've been knitting up a storm trying to beat the stress. But I think it's starting to back fire. I'm so stressed I don't even want to knit right now. Yikes. The Sunday Swing socks in my last post have decided to become a pair of Monkey socks. As I was going through all of my socks last week I noticed my red monkey socks had worn through on the heel. Time for a new pair!

Knit on.

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Anonymous said...

She is adorable!