Saturday, July 19, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

I don't have much to share today, but wanted to post so my blog doesn't feel neglected!

I currently have visitor's from New Zealand staying with me, Denis and Beryl. (I was an exchange student to New Zealand in high school and they were one of my host parents.) We've been doing a little of everything that Minneapolis has to offer! Today we're going to the farmers market - always a treat - and tonight I have tickets for the Saints game.

On the knitting front - the aqua sweater is coming along nicely (for the third time!) Beryl was interested in seeing it since she's never knit top down. That lead to quite a discussion and a little trip to Ravelry on the computer. Nothing beats Ravelry for knitting information!! (And btw, Beryl was very instrumental in my learning to knit. My host mom before her taught me, but Beryl kept me going and taught me many of the finer points.)

And the busy continues. Next week, starting on Thursday, I'm attending the Scrap Rooms scrapping retreat. It's in Minneapolis so I have NO EXCUSE not to attend :) !! It's three days of fun and scrapping. I hope I get a lot of pages done because I'm getting further and further behind!! (And I'm sure I'll do a little knitting too!!)

Knit on!


hakucho said...

Hope you are having a nice visit with your friends from N.Z.!! Enjoy :)

Dawn Mercedes said...

What a great experience you must have had in Highschool..have fun with old buddies!

Traicee said...

I hope you have a wonderful visit! I love your blog btw! Your knitting is beautiful and so are your cards :)