Saturday, September 6, 2008

Another Gift done

I asked my sister what hat she though her older son would like - something with cables or a Hurricane hat. She said definitely the Hurricane hat. So I cast on last night and finished up this afternoon. I made it a bit long since Andy has *thick* hair. I hope it's not too long. I suppose he can always just roll up the brim.

And here is DH modeling it:

On a side note - do you all think cables are too "girly"? I asked my DH and he said they certainly were, so I asked the gals at my knit night. For the most part, they all agreed that cables are feminine. I'm amazed - I always thought of them as fairly masculine. You know, cabled fishermen/Aran sweaters and all. Oh well - it was news to me.

I've decided to take the socks I was knitting for my dad to him to try them on. Since I have quite a bit of time invested in them, it would best best to be SURE they are too small before I frog them. On the off chance that they aren't too small, I've saved myself about a week of knitting! I wish I could do it without having him look at his feet so they would still be a surprise, but I think that may be a bit tricky.

Knit on!


hakucho said...

Awesome hat...I love the swirl :)

Katie said...

While my husband thinks cables are too girly on a hat, he thinks they are masculine enough for a scarf. It makes no sense to me, but this rule seems to be firmly established in his head. -Kate from Knit night

CathyR said...

Cool hat.