Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Something knit for a change...

I offered to knit a wool diaper cover (commonly called a soaker) for a gal that is preggo and planning on using cloth diapers. I have never cloth diapered nor knit a soaker, so this was all new to me. I found a free pattern on Rav and went from there. This is a Curly Purly soaker - very easy and pretty darn cute too.

I didn't do anything fancy with it (I thought about adding some butt ruffles, but the math got to me *sigh*). I used 2 colors so I would have enough yarn left over to make my daughter a felted crown.......but more about that later!

I know it's a bit hard to figure out what that darn thing is supposed to look like, so I had one of my daughters dolls model it! (This is one of those dolls that is supposed to be very life-like in size, etc.)
It will stretch quite a bit after the first washing, but I don't have any baby detergent, so I told the intended recipient that it will need to be washed. I hope she liked it!

I still have the socks for my dad OTN, but after finding out he will be out of town for his birthday - they went on the back burner since I have some extra time. I also started a shawl. Not because I wanted one or had a burning desire to knit one, but because I had some yarn that I just didn't know what else to do with. (Can I admit that I bought some Red Heart Symphony yarn? It has got to be the worst yarn ever - absolutely horrible to kit with.) It's a simple Turkish stitch triangular shawl that I think will end up as a holiday gift for my FIL's girlfriend. (And as horrible as it is to knit, the shawl is really quite pretty, soft and warm.)

And as a side note - I just googled Turkish Stitch and found a different stitch than this shawl uses. I'm sure it's one of those crazy knitting things where they call multiple stitch patterns the same name, but heck - that's confusing!!

Knit on!


hakucho said...

The soaker is super cute. I never cloth diapered ny boys but I would have loved the soakers for those leaky night time diapers. I knit up a bunch of soakers and longies for my friend's daughter s few years ago. They were interesting to knit!

happy knitting :)

Dawn Mercedes said...

LOL~! halarious!