Friday, January 2, 2009

Cute, Cute, Cute

Starving Artistamps are releasing some fun new stamps for Valentines Day. How cute are these? Make sure you head over to their blog to enter for a chance to win!!

And in other news.......a new pair of socks are on the needles! I got a set of the KnitPicks sock DPN's from my mom for Christmas. Since they are $35 and you get free shipping if you spend $50, I gave her a few ideas of "other" things to get me. She got me ALL of my suggestions!! Included in the list is the wonderful Imagination sock yarn. These socks are using the "Looking Glass" colorway. They are so pretty I can hardly knit - I just keep staring at them in amazement!

I'm using the Spring Forward pattern from Knitty. And I'm actually using size 1 needles. Blech. I probably should have used a size 1 1/2, but since the lace pattern has quite a bit of stretch, they will fit fine.

I have another set of Imagination yarn in Frog Prince, and 2 kinds of Essential yarn, Meadow Multi and Lily Pad multi. I'll have warm feet all winter!

Knit on!


Dawn Mercedes said...

Tell me about it! We just can't get every cute set...however fun it might be! I would love to win that blog candy!! Esp. the monkeys...and that bee!

Wendy said...

These stamps looks really great.
When I see your knitting things, I would like to start again knitting. I did knit a lot of sweaters some years ago and last month I bought a knitting book for doll clothing. This is for when I start again to create my own bears, so I can knit the clothing for my bears. I think I have to look in my yarn again!

Katie said...

Yay! I got the sock needles from knitpicks too! I LOVE them and have cast on a new sock (although it's a second sock from long ago) in honor of the new needles. LOVE it!

Perky Nihilist said...

Love those stamps. They are just too cute. Thanks for the heads up about them.

Love that yarn (?) you are using for the socks. It's very pretty.