Saturday, January 10, 2009

Update on 2009 Goals

I've decided that I needed to post a quick update on my 2009 goals. I may just add something to my sidebar to keep track of things.

First - I gave blood on Dec 31. While doing so, I asked if they kept a "list" of donors for specific blood types if they were in need of a specific one. I was told that they need EVERYTHING right now. But, since I'm a more rare blood type, there are different ways that I can donate so they can make better use of my blood. I've decided to do a "Double Red" donation next time (Feb 25th for those keeping track!) A Double Red donation is similar to a regular whole blood donation, but they only take the red blood cells. They return the plasma and saline to you so you leave with the same blood volume that you came in with. However, with this method, they take out double the amount of red blood cells. Thus the name Double Red!! This will affect my future donations, because you can only do a double red donation every 16 weeks. But it's similar to making a double donation - so I should still be able to donate 6 times in the year - thus meeting my goal!

Second - I knit up my first hat/mitten set for Amy. She was thrilled with them. The hat was a basic hat pattern that I just kind of made up, but here is the mitten pattern I used. After discussing it with Amy, I decided to concentrate on mittens - she has a greater need for those. And since this pattern does not have a left/right mitten, I can just knit a bunch of them in the same yarn. That way, if one gets lost, there is another to take it's place!

And for a quick picture! These are the crochet trimmed bobby socks I made for the little girls for Christmas (aged 2-4). They were a hit!!

Knit on!

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Wendy said...

I love the bobby socks. I also started to knit again, since I was reading your blog. It's so nice to get inspired from eachothers blogs.