Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Not Meant To Be....

I love the Hey Teach pattern. I have some worsted (I think??) weight recycled blue cotton that would look fabulous in this pattern. I have tried to knit this several times now. After swatching (multiple times) and starting (multiple times), I have decided that this yarn and pattern are not meant to be together. It makes me sad. I will knit something with this blue yarn, and I will knit the Hey Teach - someday.

The blue yarn has already started on it's journey to being a Badia tank. This pattern is also written for a worsted weight yarn, but this patterns gauge fits my knitting much better. I think it will be quite lovely when all is said and done.

Mods thus far:
  • I'm knitting this in the round. I will have to split at the arm holes and work back and forth, but this eliminated most of the seaming - and I *hate* seaming.
  • I only knit 3.25 inches of the 2 x 2 rib at the bottom.....I just was not going to make another 1.25 inches. I don't think this design element will be noticed :)
  • I'm only knitting the lace /cable pattern on the front. I don't see the need for a pattern on the back since I will never see it. Yep - I'm selfish that way.
I was a bit surprised that the lace/cable section was not charted, so I charted it myself. There once was a time when I would refuse to knit a pattern if it had a chart, and now I'm irritated when they don't have one. It was simple enough to do so I may find myself doing it more often. Go figure!

Knit on!

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CathyR said...

The new pattern looks really great in that yarn. I'm sorry the Hey Teach didn't work out for you. I think that, silly as it sounds, yarn knows what it wants to be. Can't wait to see the new sweater.

My Hey Teach is coming along. I've finished the back and left front and I'm working on the sleeves. Hopefully I can get it finished by next week.