Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What's up with shawls?

I'm not much of a shawl wearer, but they seem to be the new "in" thing in the knitting world. So like a lemming, I've been knitting shawls! So far I've stuck to smaller shawls that I wear like a scarf - and I've ALWAYS been a scarf person. So maybe it isn't such a stretch!

Yarn - Inca Sportlace 100% wool - 376 yds. (I got it on clearance at Tuesday Morning.) It started it's life as a mustard yellow color. That's not the best color for me, so I over dyed it in a greenish-blueish color.
Pattern - Traveling Woman (Rav link)
Mods - None (I was afraid I would run out of yarn, but I had about 30 yards left over.)


Christine said...

I'm making an extra repeat on mine. I'm using Bugga (413 yards?) so I'm not sure if I'll have enough as well..

CathyR said...

Very pretty. I've got a shawl started, but it got put on hold for some other things. Hopefully I can get back to it soon.