Monday, March 10, 2008

Monkey Socks and a Hat

I have a tradition of knitting a hat/scarf for my niece and nephew for their birthday. This is the hat I made for my nephew Nate's 13th birthday. I have to admit that coming up with a hat that a 13 year old boy will like was harder than I thought! I finally chose the Little Cables pattern in a nice chocolate colored wool, I hope he likes it.

And I'm still working on the Monkey Socks. As much as I love this pattern, I'm getting pretty sick of it! I had to frog it back again this weekend. Since the whole 2.5mm needle vs. 2.75mm needle debate was never settled by me, I continued on and ended up running short of yarn. I was just about to the toe decrease when I determined that I just would not have enough. Hhrrrrmmmppphh. So back to the frog pond I went. I decided to decrease the number of lace repeats on the leg from 6 to 4. That should give me enough to complete the toe. And yes - I could have just gotten another ball of yarn - and I did consider that. But at $6.50 a ball, these would have been some darn expensive socks!

And try as I might, blogger will just not cooperate with uploading pictures right now. I promise I'll edit this post later and include the pictures of the hat and socks. (Heck I had a hard enough time just getting to type this post!)

ETA: Got the pictures's all hunky-dory now!

Knit on!


hakucho said...

Sorry for your troubles with your monkey socks. Hope your second go at it works out better and you have enough yarn to finish them :)

happy knitting :)

Dawn Mercedes said...

that is a fab hat! if you gotta live in cold country, at least you and your family/friends will have fun/funky hats...

btw, I'm your friend! haha.