Thursday, March 27, 2008


So I've been on a stash busting mission, but yesterday I had a minor setback! I finally made the hour long trip to Crafts Direct. Wowza - what fun!! They were having a yarn clearance of some more funky yarns.

The cream yarn is fairly scratchy, but I'm thinking of making some sort of lacy scarf with it. It was only $1 per ball, so no big deal if I don't like it much!

The black yarn was $2 per ball and I bought 2. I have already cast on a scarf for my FIL's girlfriend. She is celebrating her 60th b-day in April and I think this will fit the bill. I'm doing the Drop-Stitch scarf, but on size 15 needles. I didn't have 19's and wasn't about to buy a pair for this one little project. I don't think it will matter.

And now for the Coup-de-gras......the blue Moda Dea Dream. It was $2 per ball, or $10 for a bag of 10 balls. Needles to say, I bought 2 bags with NO IDEA what I was going to make! (But I surely didn't want to start something and run out of yarn.) I think I have decided to make this sweater. I cast on a gauge swatch and can't quite make gauge. I may go up a needle size, or just fudge the pattern a bit. We'll have to see.

Knit on!

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Dawn Mercedes said...

Hurray for stock piling!