Thursday, June 12, 2008

I love this hat!

Let me just start this by saying, I'm not much of a hat person. I have wild curly hair and hats only seem to make it worse. But look at this hat - it is fabulous (if I do say so myself!) This gorgeous piece of knitwear will be on it's way to Susan - one of my PIF volunteers! (See - you should have commented. This hat could have been yours!)

I've made this hat before and Susan said she liked it. She also likes purple. I made this with Patons SWS in the plum natural and Patons Classic Wool in winter white. I think it looks fantastic - have I mentioned that?

Even after knitting this pattern twice, I still like it. I'll probably make a few more!

Knit on!


gremhog said...

oh my gosh! You've got to be kidding me. That is MY hat? My lovely hat? You've got to be kidding me! Holy mackerel. I'm thrilled to death. Oh my gosh!

I've checked back often to see what's new and today it was a delight to find MY hat posted. Wow! How hard is that hat to make? How do I send you my snail address. I looked for a link to email you and couldn't find one. And since I reformated my hard drive, I've lost a lot of things which is fine. I can eventually rediscover things and recapture things.

now...I have a great idea...NOW I need a new coat to match the new hat. Don't you think?

Thank you thank you thank you.

And one wanted my pif. I'm going to try again on Monday to offer and see what i come up with.

Dawn Mercedes said...

OOoh! That is a fabulous hat! It is perfect for Susan too!

Just Me! said...

I so have been looking for a hat for years,
That ones cute, not me thought, I am more the natural colora with a brim. And how do I get my name with a cute little photo.
I have to get into the blogging thing.
Maybe I should do the garden site.
Just Me again!

hakucho said...

That's one GREAT hat...I'm sure Susan will LOVE it :)