Monday, June 2, 2008

PIF Update

I have three takers for my PIF! I'm so thrilled!! So here some pictures of the PIF's.

First Kate: I made her a set of 12 cards; 4 monogrammed, 2 blank, 4 customizable, 1 Birthday and 1 Thank you. I was rather pleased with the way I was able to make the "customizable" ones. I stamped the base with my favorite lady bugs and added a cardstock ribbon slider. Then I stamped sentiments in white and punched them out. They fit inside the circle of the ribbon slide and Kate can determine what sentiment she wants for each card. Brilliant - if I do say so myself! (The little baggie in the center holds the 12 or so sentiments.) I think I'm going to make a quick notebook and pen set to round out the PIF.

For Dawn, I'm knitting a lace scarf in a worsted weight. Her favorite color is red and I had this great Red Wool Ease in my stash. I love it when that happens. Now in the pattern notes, the designers says this can be knit in 4 hours!! I beg to differ! I've been working on this scarf for about 3 hours so far and I'm only about a quarter of the way done! Mind you, I should know better than to try and knit a lace pattern while the kids are awake. But even still, there is NO WAY I could knit this in 4 hours. Crikey!! (Said in my best crocodile hunter voice.)

And last but not least is Susan. Her favorite color is purple and she really liked the Fake Isle hat I knit for my dad. I think I have the stuff in my stash to make something, but I need to check.

Thanks for playing ladies!! Knit on!


Dawn Mercedes said...

It's gorgeous. I'm sorry it is taking longer. Everyone...go to bed! Let your mom knit..hehe.

hakucho said...

Your card assortment is wonderful!! The lace scarf looks great so far...lace takes me along time too.

happy knitting :)