Thursday, June 19, 2008

Just realized...

....that I never shared this sweet little sweater I made. It got a little boring to knit and took longer than it should have, but it sure is cute!! (I changed the pattern a little since this was knit in an acrylic instead of wool and will not block. I think the changes made it cuter, but I might be biased.)

It was knit in Bernat Softee Baby - a great yarn for baby items if you ask me! It holds stitch definition well and washes like a dream (and we all know how important that is for baby things!)

This sweater will eventually end up at the home of one of my husbands friends. They are due in August and since this is a 6 mo size sweater, the baby may actually get a chance to wear it this winter!

Knit on!


hakucho said...

The sweater is adorable. I agree with you the Softee baby is a wonderful yarn and much more practical for a baby than wool!! I know I've enjoyed knitting with it and it's soooo soft!

happy knitting :)

Nicole said...

Wow that is gorgeous!! I would love to get that as a baby gift... you did an awesome job!! I am always awed by people that knit.