Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Another Market Bag....

I just love making these. The pattern is from Hakucho's blog. I was never able to get the plastic bags to work for me so I make mine from 2 strands of cotton yarn. (In this case, Lily's Sugar and Cream in Hot Blue.)It's amazing how much you can fit in them. I took a picture of it holding 5 oranges and 5 apples so you can see how much they stretch.

This one is supposed to be for someone, but I just love the color. I'm not sure I can give it up! I think I have enough purple yarn to make another.......hmmmmm......decisions, decisions.

Knit on!

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hakucho said...

Hey, Barb, another great bag :) Very pretty color! Have you used one of your cotton big bags for a big shopping trip? I was just wonder how they work out.

I'd love to add this new picture to my gallery if it's ok with you?

Thanks and happy knitting :)