Thursday, February 7, 2008

So Sweet

This little cardigan is so sweet it almost makes me want to have another baby.......just kidding!! When my DD was born, my aunt knit her a sweater very similar to this one. I adored it and was determined to find a similar pattern to make for babies. I found this pattern and thought it would do the trick. It's so darn cute and a fairly quick knit.

I made this out of Bernat Softee Baby....a super soft acrylic yarn. Knitting for babies really should be done out of a soft washable material, and acrylic is just perfect. (We all know how many times a baby will spit up on something, so washable is the key.) And there is even enough left over for me to make a pair of booties and maybe even a matching hat!

Now I just need to swing by my local Joann's for some buttons, sew in a few loose ends and it'll be done! Now.....who do I know that's expecting a baby?????????

Knit on!


Anonymous said...

ooh, that turned out so cute!!!

hakucho said...

Beautiful!You are so right about acrylic beeing good for babies :) I really like the "softee baby"...used it for 2 baby blankets and I have so much left over I think I'll have enough for a third!!

happy knitting :)

jay670120 said...

oooh this is lovely if i didnt live in the uk i would get you to knit me one as ive got a new baby nephew xxx