Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Another Bag

I just love this bag pattern, it's very quick to knit and the bag is just so darn cute!! So I started another one yesterday.....I used black WOTA from KP and a Lion Brand Moonlight Mohair. The mohair is really gorgeous - 2 strands, one a purple/blue mohair and one metallic. I knew the Mohair would not felt as nicely, but I was knitting two-strands - one wool and one mohair - and hoped that would work. After I finished knitting, I threw it in the washer with a fairly large load and washed it on hot. From experience, I knew it would need at least a few washes to felt properly.

After 3 cycles on hot, it still was not felting like I wanted it to. Finally, I just threw it in the dryer on hot (and we all know what the dryer does to wool.) I think it's as felted as it's going to get! The picture above is the mohair version along with one of my original bags (that I'm actually using as my main purse. Notice how nicely the handles shape themselves with use - love that!!) The mohair version is noticeably larger. On the plus side, it is sooooooo soft and snuggly. The metallic adds a gorgeous shimmer and is really very pretty. Here's a close-up:

(and no, the picture is not fuzzy - the bag is!!)

If I were to make this again (and I just might!), I would knit it three-stranded; 2 wool and one mohair. I think the acrylic content of the mohair was just too high and the wool just couldn't compensate for it.

For now, I'm going to add this bag to my craft sale stash. I'm actually hoping it doesn't sell and I can use it as my knitting bag. I think it would be perfect for that. And now to finish that baby cardigan I've been working on.......and the lace scarf......and the fuzzy feet for DH. Sheesh - I've got a lot of projects on the needles right now!

Until next time, knit on!


DesperateFamily said...

Nice work, you seems have a big patience, i suppose it's take a time to make something like that :)

regards from Ukraine

Dawn Mercedes said...

great job on that green bag!

hakucho said...

Very nice bags. They would make great knitting bags! I love felted knits, but the felting can be a bit unpredictable. Yours really do look wonderful :)