Friday, February 29, 2008

Stash Busting Socks

My knitting hiatus did not last as long as I suspected it would, it just gets interrupted a lot more with potty breaks. (*sigh* still working on that.)

I'm still on my stash busting mission, so I present a new pair of socks. I'm not a huge sock knitting fan, but these were knit on US 5's, so that made it a little easier. And they also used up some pink Wool Ease I had in my stash.

I did commit a cardinal sock knitting sin socks do NOT match! I didn't like the look of the lace pattern after the first sock, so I modified it a little for the second sock. I also made the heel flap a bit longer on the second so it fits my foot a bit nicer. It's not something that most people will notice, and since these are for me I wasn't too concerned.

Here's a link to the pattern - and a cool site I found with hundreds of free sock knitting patterns. Next up is yet another pair of know, everyone warns you that knitting socks is addicting but I thought I was immune. Guess I was wrong - LOL!! Hmmm....maybe I will need to invest in some of those KP Harmony DPN's!!

Knit on!

1 comment:

hakucho said...

Your socks are very lovely! Thanks for the page with all the sock pattern are fueling my addiction...thanks :)

happy knitting :)