Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mr Greenjeans finished!

So I lost a little steam with this sweater, but it's now finished and I LOVE IT!! There is nothing worse than spending all the time to knit a sweater and not liking the finished product.

I made this one out of Malabrigo wool, purchased at Double Ewe. The color is called Blue Surf (color #28) and it so soft and snuggly. When it was done, I went on a quest for a button. Not just *any* button, the perfect button. I found this beauty at All About Yarn. They have a great button selection. I just wish that I had made it earlier in the year since I won't have many chances to wear it for awhile.

So right now, I have a pair of toe-up socks, a baby kimono sweater, and the dreaded fuzzy blue cable sweater on the needles. I think the sweater will go into hibernation for the summer so I can concentrate on more socks. It's just getting too hot to knit a sweater. (That and I just realized that I have socks yarn for 6 pairs of socks.....time to get knitting!)

Knit on!


Rachael Peters said...

I love that sweater, you did such a good job!

Anonymous said...

Barb - that is just gorgeous!! the button is perfect :)

Dawn Mercedes said...

what a fabo sweater!

hakucho said...

Mr. Greenjeans is awesome!! Nice job :)