Thursday, May 29, 2008

Two takers so far...

I've had 2 brave souls step up to the PIF challenge; Dawn and Kate.

Dawn is a stamper/papercrafter, so I will knit up something fabulous for her. I'm currently thinking this scarf in a red Wool-Ease.

Kate is a knitter/crocheter, so I'm thinking a pack of note cards. Possibly some monogrammed cards, or just a pack of all occasion cards - birthday, baby, thinking of you, etc. Maybe using the Little Ladies set from Papertrey inc?? So many cute ways to use that set. Here's one of my favorites. (And yes, I know lady bugs aren't blue, but I just love how it looks anyway!)

There's still room for one more person! You too could receive a lovely (at least I hope so!) handmade item from me!!

ETA: Pictues!!


gremhog said...

OK...I have checked back so many times to see if you had your 3 takers. Since no one else has, and since I need some motivation to PIF, I would like to join in the fun. Oh, and by the way...I'm Dawn's Mom. I knit but always give my stuff away. So something hand knit would be a great thing. But if I come in after your 3rd taker, that's fine.


Barb Nelson said...

OK Susan - you're on!!