Sunday, March 1, 2009

Here are the promised pictures!!

I promise not to overload my blog with pictures today - but expect lots of posts from me this week!

I have mostly been working on socks the past 2 months. I hand washed three pairs yesterday, and here they are drying on my kitchen counter:

Left to right: Basic socks using some recycled 100% wool from a thrift store sweater (over dyed with kool-aide)
Charade socks using Tree house Melody 100% wool
Spring Forward using Knit Picks Imagination in Looking Glass

I'm now reaching the point where I need to start working on some projects for other nephew Nate's birthday hat, mittens for my mom for her birthday, shawl/scarf for my MIL for Mothers day, etc.

I've started the hat for Nate. I'm making the Swell hat. According to lots of people on Ravelry, this hat needs some modifications to get gauge so it will fit an adult. Since I knew I would have to go up a few needle sizes, I decided to hold the yarn two stranded. It will make a warmer hat too - always a good thing! I'm using some Paton's wool from my stash - the main color is black and the waves will be cream. Perfect for a 14 year old, right? (And I think the size will be pretty good since my 6 year old is able to wear it with it still on the needle!)

And I cleaned my scrapping/stamping area. You'll start seeing a lot more of my paper crafting things. But as a mini-look. Here are a few of the Target mailboxes I decorated for the kids teachers for Valentines Day. I was very pleased with how they turned out and the teachers seemed to like them as well! (And I used up a TON of scraps from my Scrap Room kits!) feels good to be able to load pictures onto my blog again!!

Til later, knit on!


Dawn Mercedes said...

ooh wow! I have a friend who learned to knit about a year ago, or less. She's a sort of Martha until she's a total pro...

So now, she can knit beautiful socks, sweathers, mittens, name it..

what a fab talent!

Grumpy said...

WOW, WOW! That's all I can say. You've definitely gotten into knitting! I'm totally in love with those mailboxes, and so sad I didn't pic up more! I got one each for the girls but now seeing what you've done I wish I had more! TOO COOL!