Friday, March 13, 2009

Idea Jar

I had an IEP meeting for my son yesterday. One of his big problems is coming up with a "small moment" for writing time. He struggles with it each week. I thought that we should have an "idea jar" for him to use. The idea is to add a "small moment" topic to the jar when we think of them. Then when he gets stuck, he just chooses an idea out of the jar and off he goes. (That's the idea anyway, I just hope it works out.)

So I figured I couldn't just have a plain jar, so I decorated up an old Mason jar. Here it is!
I think it came out pretty cute. Now we'll just have to wait and see if it works.


Dawn Mercedes said...

clever...and now he'll outshine everyone esp. with style!

Grumpy said...

Journal Jars are awesome fun! For Christmas one year we gave a niece a fancy journal a pen... and this jar full of ideas... M liked it so much we did one for her too!