Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Layout and a General Rant

First the layout. The Scraproom challenges us every month to "Get More Pages Done", which basically means to create a layout or project using each of our 4 kits before the end of the month. There's prizes and everything :) So I already have my GMPD completed - I can't even believe it! I got the box on Monday and they are done!! So here is my favorite from the month:

This LO was created using the American Crafts Everyday line. I broke out my paints for the title and everything.

And now for the rant. I've lived in Minnesota my whole life (except for the stint in New Zealand - but I digress.) I don't complain about winter much because, well, it's Minnesota - what do I expect?? But it's March, not early March, but a full fledged Mid-March. I drove by a bank today and our temperature was 2. Seriously - that's not even counting the wind chill which is pretty darn wicked. Enough already - I get it. This is Minnesota and it can get damn cold here. But I am SICK OF IT!!! *end rant*

Hope you all are warmer than me today.

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Julie said...

I hope it gets warmer soon Barb! I am not sure I could live there all the time myself! Just too cold for me. Go get some tea, coffee, hot chocolate, whatever floats your boat and curl up with a warm blanket with the kiddos.