Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sweater for Charlotte

I've wanted to knit a sweater for my nearly 5 year old daughter for awhile. I just couldn't find the right pattern so I finally decided to adapt an adult sized pattern to fit. The pattern I chose is the February Lady Sweater. It's a tremendously popular pattern on Ravelry, so there were tons of good hints there.

(Odd note about this pattern: It was originally designed as a baby sweater by the brilliant Elizabeth Zimmerman.)

I'm making it to be roughly a size 5T. I took Charlotte's chest measurement, added 3 inches so it will fit a bit longer, and then worked the math. I was VERY pleased that the math worked out easily and the fit seems to be perfect.

So here is the lovely Charlotte modeling the sweater still on the needles:

The lace pattern is really very simple, but I kept screwing it up. After several froggings (which didn't go very well), I decided to put a stitch marker every 7 stitches for the lace repeat. At first I felt a bit defeated, but then I decided that if it works, why not! (For the record, my track record with lace it not good.)

I'm trying to make very copious notes about all the modifications I'm making. If I decide to knit this again it will be much easier. Details on my Rav projects page for anyone interested. If you're not on Rav (and you should be, it's free!!), leave me a comment.

I'm nearly finished with the second kid proto-type mitten. I think I'll show it to Michelle before felting, then we can discuss any mods we would like to make. I should have some pictures of the completed pair soon.

Knit on!

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CathyR said...

Charlotte looks very pleased with her new sweater to be. I have the yarn for one, but haven't started it yet.