Friday, August 15, 2008


After three attempts, my Leafy T is finally done! Please excuse these rather horrid photos. There are still a few ends to weave in, but I wanted to document that I finally completed this thing. AND I LOVE IT!! So often I'm displeased with a garment after I finish it, but not this time.

Even though it was a complete pain to re-knit this, it was so worth it!! I'm hoping my hubby will take a picture of me wearing it tomorrow, but for now, may I present my Leafy T:

And now to get started on my birthday/holiday's a long list!

Knit on!


Maribel said...

I really like this sweater...looks like a pretty color.

CathyR said...

It is so pretty. I really like the pattern down the center of the sweater.

hakucho said...

Great's B E A U T I F U L :)

Dawn Mercedes said... are most talented...great choice in yarn color too!