Friday, August 8, 2008

Gorgeous Stitch Markers

I had knit night for the Ravelry group last night. Only a small group made it, but we had lots of fun comparing notes and seeing what everyone was working on. And Kate brought me the most beautiful stitch markers ever. (Or prettyful as my son called them :) )

And Deb asked quite a few questions about how I sized my version of the Leaf T. I put it on waste yarn and she was able to try my version on - very convenient. I only hope she doesn't have to knit it THREE TIMES!! But it did help to get me re-energized about this project. So along with my fabulous new stitch markers, here is an updated picture of my Leaf T:

I've done the arm band for one of the sleeves. I knit it on size 6 DPN's, but I think I want it to fit a bit tighter so I plan on ripping that out and re-knitting it on size 5's. I mean - since I've knit this three times already, whats another arm band??

And a close up of the stitch markers:

See, I told you they were prettyful!!!

Knit on!


Dawn Mercedes said...

ooh lala...if you find out how to make those, let me know. Then I could make some for my mom for Christmas!

hakucho said...

Those stitch markers are lovely and I love your sweater. Beautiful color and I love the cables down the front!!