Thursday, August 7, 2008

Card Making with 10 year olds

I had my niece and her friend over yesterday for a MARATHON stamping/card making session. They had an absolute blast! I didn't get much done, but they needed help with cutting paper and choosing colors and it was fun just watching them work. My niece ended up with 9 cards made and her friend made 10. And they were asking "When can we do this again Aunt Barb?" I think that might just be the ultimate compliment from a 10 year old girl!!

The Jaywalker socks are coming along nicely, but I had to rip back the heel and re-knit it. It was just too baggy around the ankle. I had knit the flap a bit too long and I'm concerned about running out of yarn (remind you of the Monkey socks anyone??) I'm hoping this is the only re-knit this pair of socks needs!! (And that I have enough yarn!!)

Knit on!!

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Dawn Mercedes said...

perfectly super great! And that's not only the cards. You are too!