Saturday, June 6, 2009

UFO Week

I decided it's time for a UFO week. (UFO = Unfinished Objects) So nothing new can go on the needles this week. So here is the first UFO that is now a FO:

The Jorah sweater. (Rav link) I made some major mods to get this to fit my non-36" size. I did short row shaping for the first time to accommodate my bust. It was a partial success. I got the size I wanted, but I had to frog back a portion including the short row section and it got all goofed up. I did some duplicate stitching to tighten it up and it looks much better. Not perfect, but better. The bottom 9" is a decorative rib. And I hate ribbing, so I don't know why I chose to make this sweater!! Not to mention, it highlights my muffin top beautifully......yuck! I really like the color and overall look of the sweater, but I need to loose some weight to wear it comfortably. *sigh*

Next up in the UFO pile are my green holey socks. These are being knit on a size 0 - blech. I started out knitting with a size 2, but this yarn (Lion Brand Sock Ease) is rather thin and the fabric was just too flimsy for me. I'm not thrilled with this yarn at all, but I like the colors and I love the pattern I chose.

These are actually coming along nicely....or as nicely as something can when your knitting on size 0. First sock is done and I'm on to the leg of the second.

The items remaining in my UFO pile are:
1. Ruffled Cravat Socks
2. Gloves for Linda
3. Gloves for Kirk (made out of the same yarn as the gloves for Linda, but I'm making my own pattern. And I've never blogged about them.)
4. Socks for MIL's Birthday - I'm doing the No Purl Monkey's but they are coming out too small. I've got them on size 1 needles, but I think I'm going to frog them and re-knit them on 1 1/2's. (The link is to the Monkey Sock. The No Purl version is just that - no purling.)
5. Fetching fingerless Gloves

I'm not sure how much of a dent I can make in this pile in a week, but I figured I really shouldn't cast on anything new until I get a few of these completed.

Until later, knit on!


Jillsknit said...

WOW! You've been busy since knit group. The top looks great.

Deb said...

Barb, your sweater looks wonderful to me! The color is beautiful and I like all the little details! The socks are amazing! Cool yarn! Size 0 needles! Wow! I don't know if I could even see those stitches! ;)

CathyR said...

The sweater looks great. I love the colors. The socks are pretty too. I'm going to have to check out that pattern.