Friday, January 11, 2008

Bags a Plenty

Can you tell what I've been doing lately? I have been on a roll with these fun bags! Originally, I started the one in the back as a "test bag" with the new pattern to determine how much yarn I would need. The green bag in the front was done with my expensive yarn. The middle bag was done with lots of bits of yarn - the base was made with the handle color of the green bag and the top green is the same as the green bag, and some misc other colors to fill. I have two more bags planned. Partly because they are fun and so easy to knit, and secondly because they are using up my stash. And as all crafters know, if you use up your stash, you get to buy more *wink*.

I planned on keeping the green bag for me, but now I'm not sure. I really like the look of the multicolored bags. Oh well - I don't have to decide right now, we'll see how the other two look when they are finished.

So on to my next project. I think it will be this lacey scarf. Or maybe these mittens - but I'd like to re-size them for my kids - we NEVER seem to have enough mittens! I'm planning another trip to my LYS, so it might be something completely different!

Knit on!


Aunt T said...

Wow - beautiful projects. I wish I could knit :(


Jailbird said...

these are completely adorable! Keep the first one, too cute!

Rachael Peters said...

Love the all green one at the bottom, nice and simple color contrast

Dawn Mercedes said...

You forgot to put one of those bags in my padded envie last week! (Kidding) The are smashingly fine!!

Godelieve said...

WOW!! You rock! Fun bags!