Monday, January 7, 2008

Not knitting, but still cool

I had heard about the cool advent calendars in the shape of a tree that Starbucks carried for the holidays. I happened to luck into 2 of them when they were on clearance for $8 - what a bargain. After the kids ate all the chocolate (OK - I had a few too), I knew I wanted to alter ours for use in future years. I got this idea from the fabulous Tammy, the owner of The Scrap Room. Tammy used items from the Love, Elsie line. I'm not into the same style as that, so I decided to use the fabulous Figgy Pudding papers from Basic Grey. Here's the first one:

I still have one more to do. Since I have 2 kids and they were on clearance, I decided to save on future headaches and just buy two. I think I will use a more "girly" paper for the second one and make it for my daughter. And of course I will have to buy more chocolate for it next year *wink*

Also finished a felted purse for me today, but I need to buy a button for it and let it finish dying before I post it here. I think it turned out just fabulous and I can't wait to begin sporting it around town!


Dawn Mercedes said...

BARGAIN! (Just remember to bring it out next year. I forgot to use mine this's square, not tree shaped.)

This year, I'll be trying to buy a few little things each month so that in Dec. I"ll be ready to go!

KOstvig said...

very cute barb..the tree is fantastic you did a great job

Lori said...

Fantastic! This turned out great.