Thursday, January 10, 2008

Trial Run...

When I get a new pattern, I like to try it out on a cheaper yarn as much as possible. And since I bought some gorgeous yarn to make this bag with, I was doubly concerned. My gage can run large, so I wanted to be sure I had enough of the expensive yarn before I started knitting with it.

So I picked up a fabulous pattern from My Bagatelle at my LYS, but I wanted to "dry run" it first. Here it is unfelted:

I used some yarn that I had from KnitPicks, specifically Wool of the Andes. I like to use this yarn because it is very reasonably priced, comes in lots of fabulous colors, and felts beautifully. This pattern calls for knitting with two strands together. This makes for a much bulkier bag - I love it! I used 2 balls of Stream (bottom), one of Spruce (middle) and one of Asparagus (top). The handle was knit using Amethyst Heather. When I was working on this, I was afraid that the colors would not be distinct enough in the middle sections. To help with this, I knit with one strand of each color for a few rounds to try and make the color change more gradual.

And here is the Post-felted version (still with a pop can for scale - I love Caffeine Free Diet Dr. Pepper - yum!)I finished this bag last night, but didn't want to wake the kids with the felting process. All together, I think it was about 7 hours of knitting (it's kind of hard to tell, since I have to take a lot of breaks.) I think this bag will go in the craft sale pile (for a sale in March.) If it doesn't sell, I think my sister will like it. I'll have to ask *wink*

Since I LOVE how this bag turned out, I've already started the "real deal" using Cascade 220 yarn. I chose color 9407 - Celery, and 9448 - Olive, both heathers.

Until later - knit on!!