Saturday, January 12, 2008

Leg Warmers - not just from the 80's anymore!

A friend of mine was asking me a few knitting questions in November. She wanted to make her daughter a pair of leg warmers. Like many little girls, her daughter loves to wear dresses, but in the middle of a freezing Minnesota winter, that's just not practical.

She knows how to knit but has limited experience with it. And like any other skill, you have to practice! She bought the yarn and started to knit. After a few tries, she called me in frustration, "I'm just not going to make them!" I asked her to let me give them a try.

I picked the yarn and needles up and started them that night. They really weren't that hard, but I can understand how it could be frustrating. They use a fairly simple rib pattern, but use a pearled garter stitch instead of the standard knit. FYI - The pattern is from the Winter 2005 magazine Knit Simple. (This magazine used to be a part of Vogue Knitting, but I think it is a stand alone magazine now.)

So now that Miss P* has these gorgeous leg warmers, I have to make them for the rest of the play group girls! Since my friend bought three skeins of yarn, they will all match! Thankfully they come together fairly quickly. I'm working on the second pair, and then just one more to go.

On another note

I put in an order for more yarn at KnitPicks this morning. (Hey - the kids were sleeping in, what do you expect me to do!) I picked up a fabulous yarn to make the previously mentioned scarf. I chose the Blue Jeans color, I think it will look gorgeous! I also picked up some WOTA (Wool of the Andes) to make some Fuzzy Feet slippers for both me (finally!!) and my hubby. I'll be sure to post some pictures when I get them done!!

Until later, knit on!!


Lori said...

These are so cute! Perfect for those cold midwestern winters.

Rachael Peters said...

I'm sure Miss P* and all my little girl friends are loving those leg warmers. Very cool Barb

HeidiQ said...

a huge thanks for making them for Miss P*!! oh, and another thanks for showing me what i was doing wrong :)
waving "hi" to you Rachael...i miss you!!!

Dawn Mercedes said...

Ooh! Can you email that pattern? I bet my Miss M* would love a pair!!

Godelieve said...

These are bringing back memories :) They're fantastic!!

Jace said...

I used to love leg warmers! Yours are adorable. I also visited your SCS gallery today and had lots of fun there, too!

Jailbird said...

those are so freaking cue! I love the 80's but these leg warmers rock even more!

Anonymous said...

I just found this post. I want to make my god daughters each a pair for Christmas? Could you possibly send me the pattern? They are size 2-3 and 6. Much appreciated!