Thursday, January 24, 2008

Fuzzy Feet!!

For Christmas of 2006, I made 7 pairs of Fuzzy Feet for all sorts people in my life, but did not make a pair for myself. I decided it was time to change that!! So here are my Fuzzy Feet. I made them using 2 strands of Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in Blue Bonnet for the main slipper. This makes them very warm and they should be very durable, since I'm not planning on adding a sole. The cuff was knit with one strand of WOTA and one strand of Lion Brand Fun Fur. I love how the fun fur looks after it has been felted with the wool!! (And PS - Fun Fur is on sale for $2 a ball at Michaels this week!!)

Now I need to make another pair for my DH. (And yes - I did make him a pair in '06, but he has lost!)

My Knit Picks order arrived on Tuesday (and thus the Fuzzy Feet), and in it was a gorgeous skein of a variegated blue lace weight wool. I'm planning on making this scarf. It's really beautiful and not as difficult as it looks. I cast it on Tuesday night and did 20 rows of the lace pattern. I ended up frogging it (since I added a stitch somewhere??). I'll probably re-cast on tonight. It's a complicated pattern so I really only want to work on it after the kids go to bed so I won't get disrupted. I've never done any lace work before and it really is much easier than I thought it would be. I'll get a WIP picture up as soon as I have one.

Another thing I learned while working on the lace pattern - there is a place for metal needles! I'll admit that I'm a wood/bamboo snob and rarely use anything else. But when working with this lace pattern, I really need needles with a sharper point. So here I am swallowing my pride and working with metal needles. (But I did hear from the gal at my LYS that Clover was coming out with a new needle that is still bamboo but with a sharper point. I'll be sure to try them out when I can find a pair!!)

Knit on!!


Anonymous said...

the using metal needles!! :) LOL! i actually went and bought a pair of bamboo ones - to use when i knit the sweater i'm planning.
happy day,

abr said...

Oh my gosh, Barb, people in Minnesota need these, lately 2 pair on each foot. They really are darling


Sandy O said...

Hi, When I was younger, I wanted to learn how to knit. Knit items are so pretty IMO. Anyway...

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